Boobie Bling is jewelry designed to highlight your boobs. Whether you have A cups, K cups, big boobs, small boobs, or anything in between - this is for you. Show off your boobs on your terms. This isn’t about objectification; this is liberation.

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The Craftmanship

All BoobieBling products use high quality manufacturing methods. They are made of brass with nickel-free plating. The gold has a true 14K gold plating. All BoobieBling chains have an E coating for a longer lasting finish and fewer scratches. Enjoy!


There is a clamshell clasp with rare earth magnets that easily open and attach to your bra or tank top or swim suit.


As a teenager navigating high school, founder, Genevieve Unterseher, struggled with body confidence like most teens her age. After hiding her body and feeling self conscious about her curves, she decided to change her mindset. In lieu of hiding her curves to make herself and others more comfortable, she decided to show off the things she liked about herself, including her boobs. By making a conscience decision to switch from baggy hoodies to v necks she was able to show herself on her own terms which brought a great power and a new sense of confidence. BoobieBling is a product to make every girl feel beautiful and powerful - no matter her age, body type, cup size, or insecurities.

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